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DIERYA DK66 Bluetooth 5.1 Mechanical 60% Gaming Keyboard, Wired/Wireless Hot-Swappable Waterproof Type-C Computer Keyboard with Full Keys Programmable

STABLE BLUETOOTH 5.1 - Pairing with up to 3 devices and switch among them seamlessly with the inbuilt Bluetooth 5.1 technology, backward compatible with all Bluetooth devices on the market. Greatly improved transmission speed and stability, meet all the needs of Bluetooth enthusiasts. Match DK66's 1900 mAh battery, it can be used for up to 8 hours under which offers up to 8 hours wireless usage under regular circumstances, which means you can use it carefree for a few days

UNIQUE DUAL SPACEBAR DESIGN: First 60% mechanical keyboard with the dual spacebar, the right one has magic FNX function while retaining the original spacebar Key Function. You can use the FNX key to quickly complete the conversion between the various layers and our DK66 keyboard' FNX key can copy the FN key function makes you easier to use various operations, especially for designers, gamers, and people who often use a variety of key combinations and various offline macros.

KEMOVE RGB DRIVER: Personalize functions as you like, customize advanced features and offline macros, our driver has five layers, each with different functions. The default standard layer is our normal keyboard, Layer 1 is our custom keyboard, Layer 2 is the Apple keyboard, Layer 3 is the number keyboard, and drive layer can be edited online. Our software can meet all your needs and there are countless features waiting for you to develop.

DK66 NANO-COATING TECHNOLOGY ON KEYCAPS: Exclusively developed nano-coating technology applied to our keycaps, excellent wear resistance, never worry about the keycaps stained with oil and providing best typing and gaming experience, you will love it from your first use, And our switch have hot-swapped function, you can be replaced by other optical switches you like.

WATERPROOF CIRCUIT BOARD: Our keyboard's circuit board has IPX4 Certified, In the process of playing games and work, you can enjoy food and drinks more freely, because you will be very easy to clean our keyboard (the interface not waterproof)
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Kemove x Dierya 60% Mechanical Keyboard

Kemove is the name of our parent company. Our company focuses on the field of e-sport equipment, such as the mechanical keyboard, mouse, RGB mouse pad and etc. DIERYA x Kemove series has been committed to providing high quality and reasonable prices to our customers, striving to provide top quality products with our best prices. DIERYA x KEMOVE store will also provide the first-class service. You will find what you like with good value, which means we are focusing on consumption instead of more profit. We would spare us every effort to offer the best service to you. Kemove will be the best choice to make an easier life for you.

Bluetooth 5.1 & dual-mode connection
Powerful Bluetooth 5.1 version, stronger stability, and connection speed, perfectly compatible with all Bluetooth 5.1 or below Bluetooth 5.1 devices (Not compatible with below Bluetooth 3.0 version devices)

USB Wired Mode: Connects the USB C cable to the computer, the keyboard will automatically convert to the wired mode or press FN+Z/X/C switch to the wired mode from Bluetooth mode

Wireless Mode: Press key: "FN+Z/X/C" to connect the Bluetooth device, (Press "FN+ Z/X/C" for 6 seconds long, the Bluetooth is in the pairing status, the indicator light is flashing. Short press FN+Z/X/C, the Bluetooth keyboard enters the reconnecting status, the indicator light slowly flashes. {For example, the 1 key has been paired, the 2rd key has not been matched, then long-pressing 2nd key for 6 seconds, then the 2nd corresponding indicator goes into flash, and going into pairing status. If paired 2rd needed, please close the 1st paired device.}

DIERYA x KEMOVE series dedicated software

DIERYA x KEMOVE series dedicated software                           

This keyboard has powerful software editing functions, you can edit and implement any RGB lighting effects and functions you want

Standard layer: Our normal keyboard, you can customize edit and save 5 RGB effects, in addition, the keyboard comes with 5 RGB effects

Layer (1-3): You can edit any key in this layer to the key function you need, also you can customize and store an RGB light effect

PS: Layer 2 defaults to the layout of the Apple keyboard, layer 3 defaults to the layout of the small number key

Drive layer: You can be edited online (Invalid when you close the software)                            

DIERYA x KEMOVE DK66 Bluetooth 5.1 Mechanical 60% Gaming Keyboard Recharging Battery

Recharging Battery

This gaming keyboard is built-in recharging 1900mAh
battery which offers up to 8 hours wireless usage under regular circumstances, which means a few days life cycle on a single charge. With Type-C data line *1PCS, used for wire connection and fast charging. There is also a built-in on/off switch that saves battery power when you don't need it.          

DIERYA x KEMOVE DK66 Bluetooth 5.1 Mechanical 60% Gaming Keyboard Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic Design

DIERYA x KEMOVE DK66 mechanical  60% keyboard is ergonomic design for long-term comfortable use. Ergonomically designed keycaps will reduce fatigue during long period of play. Special padding on the keyboard to add stability.                                 

DIERYA x KEMOVE DK66 Bluetooth 5.1 Mechanical 60% Gaming Keyboard Anti-Ghosting Keys

Anti-Ghosting Keys

Our DIERYA x KEMOVE gaming keyboard provides comfort with better housing support compared to rubber dome keyboards, so every keypress is solid. With each stroke, experience full key travel and responsiveness so you can be assured of striking with  deadly precision no matter what game you play.

DIERYA x KEMOVE DK66 Bluetooth 5.1 Mechanical 60% Gaming Keyboard Durable Design

Durable Design

High-quality ABS construction to improve durability, protect against scratches, scrapes, bumps, and drops. Passed our drop test, after fell from the normal desktop height our DK66 gaming keyboard was intact. Don't worry about any minor collisions in your daily life.

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